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Volume 32 - Page 1 of 9 March 25, 2004
2004 Boone Hammerfest & NC-ABANA at Oak Hill Ironworks
2004 Events start with record turnouts and great food
NC-ABANA at Oak Hill Iron Works NC-ABANA at Oak Hill Iron Works
2004 Is off to a great start. The two meets we have attended so far have had record turn outs. This may be the result of our new Calendar of Events or its just a great year for blacksmithing events?

The annual Boone Hammerfest had a record turnout of about 250 attendees.
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The Oak Hill Ironworks NC-ABANA meet had a great first time turn out with over 120 attendees. Continued. . . Page 4

Big BLU to raise prices:   Oak Hill Ironworks announced that they must raise the price of the Big BLU which has remained the same for over 6 years.
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Bull Hammers Bankrupt   Closes shop. Operator Vincent Venegoni has closed shop and left Asheville, NC leaving a string of debts behind.
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CALL For photos   Author Dona Meilach is looking for photos of YOUR work for her next book Click for Details

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ABANA Conference Coverage!

July 7-11, Richmond, KY

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West Virginia Armour-In!

May 13-16, Parkersburg, WV

Roger Duncan passes:
I met a wonderful fellow named Roger Duncan at the Boone Hammerfest on February 28. He was peddling a replacement for Pure Iron that he called "Double Ought Iron" or 00Fe. (.003% C). This was a very low carbon steel product used to make alloy and specialty steels. I bought a little of it to test and report on.

. . . He will be missed by all that knew him.

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March 25, 2004 Edition
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