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Volume 7 - Virginia Edition
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News from Greenwood Ironworks
Central Virginia Blacksmith Guild to Meet at Greenwood Ironworks on November 14th

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(LEFT) "New" 500 pound Chambersburg Utility Hammer at Greenwood Ironworks.
Bruce Wallace (in back) watching Josh Greenwood forging stainless steel billet. Wallace Metal Work brokered the sale of the hammer to Greenwood Ironworks.

Bruce Wallace with Josh Greenwood next to 12,000 pound anvil for a 750 pound air hammer! Anvil is from a 750 Chambersburg self contained hammer and will be installed in a 750 Niles-Bement.
GREENWOOD IRONWORKS is currently gearing up for the commercial production of components for blacksmiths. This very well equiped shop has added the 500 pound Chambersburg above and is installing a 750 pound Niles-Bement. These are in addition to a Nazel 1B, Fairbanks 100# and a 300# Bradley Compact hammer. A Nazel 3B is being replaced by the new hammers and is currently for sale.

OBTW- Josh calls the 500 pound Chambersburg above, his "Little Red Hammer"!
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We love to cover your events, however, the edition covering the AFC conference was one of the last where we will cover events outside our local Virginia area this year. We have spent thousands of dollars traveling to the events covered in the anvilfire news and can no long afford the travel, motel and registration expenses. In the future we will cover your events two ways. . . Continured on Page 2
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