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PABA Hammer-In Special Edition
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Volume 5 - PABA Edition
Guru's Trip to Pennsylvania
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Vol.1 (May-June - JYH)
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Vol.3 Camp Fenby
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Alabama Forge Council Tannehill Conference Coverage in NEXT Edition!
PABA Hammer-In - DC and PA trip!
Guru travels to National Cathedral and Pennsylvania with Josh Greenwood
Pennsylvania Artist Blacksmniths Assocation meet was held on the beautiful Fisher farm. The weather was perfect and a wonderful time was had by all. Hap Fisher demonstrated spinning pewter, Dave Fisher demonstrated forging and jig bending, Jim Miklos from American Homestead demonstrated forging a door latch and Josh Greenwood demonstrated forging fancy leaves with Bruce Wallace striking.
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Our trip to the National Cathedral, Washington DC and Pennsylvania Page 9
Tannehill Park to Host AFC conference. This early ironworks operated up until it was burned during the Civil War by Gen. James Wilson.
anvilfire Announces Hector "Bub" Giumetti
Big HOT SUMMER Contest!

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