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ABANA Conference Late Edition
1998 ABANA conference flag
Volume 4 - ABANA Late Edition
Josh Greenwood & Finished EC-JYH Leaf samples
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Vol.1 (May-June - JYH)
Vol.2 (ABANA)
Vol.3 Camp Fenby
More ABANA Conference Photos!
Photos Provided by Mike Linn, Webmaster for the Alabama Forge Council
AFC Tannehill Conference Banner
AFC Fall Conference at Historic Tannehill Furnace Park
Chapter Ring Grille Crew posed with grille
Completed Chapter Ring Grille
Photo by Mike Linn, AFC
Francis Whitaker (sitting) posed with the Chapter Ring Grill team. On the left is Jeff Mohr, Carl Grainger, Cathi Borthwick and Doug Merkel. At front to right is Clay Spencer, James Honig and Dan Nauman.

More details on page 2
ABANA Chapter Ring Grille, RING closeups pp. 10-11

NOTE: Thanks go to Clay Spencer, Editior of the AFC'c newsletter Bituminous Bits for the corrections and identification of the rings and various makers! Clay also tells us more about the project p. 15. jdd - 7/19-23

Please pardon our previous misidentification of the Belgian ironwork as Bulgarian on pages 5 and 6. We also had Dan Nauman (above right) identified as Tal Harris. Sorry guys!
HELP!, We still need a closeup photo of the Grille center piece.
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July 10th, 1998 ABANA Late Edition, Rev. 7/23
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