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Volume 4 - ABANA Late Edition - Page 2
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ABANA Chapter Ring Grille

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  Page 5 - ABANA Photos - Belgian Ironwork
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  Page 7 - More ABANA Photos
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  Page 15 - About the Chapter Ring Grille

  Volume 2. Francis & Ring Grille UPDATED
Please pardon our previous misidentification of the Belgian ironwork as Bulgarian on pages 5 and 6.
The Chapter Ring Grille was designed as a tribute to Francis Whitaker and was assembled by a team of six blacksmiths at the ABANA conference June 18th - 21st, 1998. Signitures of the designer/builders are shown to the left (Francis Witaker, Carl Grainger, James Honig, Douglas A. Merkel, Daniel M. Nauman, Cathy Borthwick and Clay Spencer). The eight rings were selected from many submissions by the various ABANA chapters, and had to meet a standard set of rules governing their size and appearance. The finished work was purchased by Barbara and Tim Kris, of Franklin, NC, at the conference auction.

Clay Spencer kindly identified the makers of the rings and supplied us with details of the design and construction of the grille. Plus we have updated Volume 2, p.10 concerning the ring that wouldn't fit!
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July 10th, 1998 - ABANA Late Edition.
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