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Volume 4 - ABANA Late Edition - Page 3
Vol. 1 (May June JYH)   Vol. 2 (ABANA)
Vol. 3 Camp Fenby Edition  
Josh Greenwood Finishes Leaves Forged on the EC-JYH at Asheville
Below, forging finished at Asheville. Right, second leaf after touchup and splitting.
Below Josh demonstrating on the EC-JYH at Asheville. Center and right touching up the second leaf before splitting it. At Asheville we were using a borrowed forge. About half way through his demonstration we were told the forge had been sold and someone wanted to take delivery! The tool shown at right is one of a set of dozens Josh developed for producing heavy forged leaves under an air hammer. Continued on page 4.
Digital photos by Stuart Smith and Jock Dempsey

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July 10th, 1998 - ABANA Late Edition.
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