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Reporting LIVE! from Asheville, NC - June 1998!
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ABANA Conference - Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Page 7, West Coast JYH Breaks Down on first day!
Page 17, Face off Fizzles! East Coast Wins by narrow margin!
UNCA Campus
ABANA Conference being held on beautiful UNCA campus. The University of North Carolina at Asheville is located North of down town Asheville. Officials estimate that 2,000 people will attend the conference making it the largest ABANA conference ever! Demonstrations will be held at dozens of sites all over the campus. Acres of tents are being provided to make the conference enjoyable rain or shine!
Battle of the Junk Yard Dogs NOW Official ABANA Event!
Because of the overwhelming popular intrest in the Junk Yard Hammer challange between Grant Sarver of Offcenter Tools and Jock Dempsey the anvilfire Guru, the ABANA board decided to bring the competition on site. The "battle" is tentatively scheduled for Saturday afternoon as one of the last demonstrations. Josh Greenwood of Greenwood Ironworks, Petersburg, VA will be demonstrating the East Coast JYH built by Jock Dempsey. See Vol. 1 (May-June) for details.
Bill Pieh, owner of Centaur Forge, is recovering from his recent heart attack but may still attend the ABANA conference. Bill has returned to work part time and is doing well.

We are happy to announce Centaur Forge is our newest sponsor at Centaur's current advertisment is temporary and will soon be replaced by a more informative version with details about many of the items in their new catalog.
Anvilfire Guru sells demonstration shop trailer to Historic Bethbara Park - Jim 'paw paw' Wilson -- As the Blacksmith for Historic Bethabara Park here in Winston-Salem, NC one of the things I do is keep my eyes open for things that might be of exhibit value to the Park. When Jock first posted the pictures of his Ultimate Portable Forge, I thought that it could be used for Bethabara's Outreach Program. I showed the pictures to the Director of the park, and HE got excited. continued
June 13, 1998 - Asheville Edition. Page 1 of 25
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