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Volume 2 - Asheville Edition - Page 2 (Index)
Vol.2 p.1   Vol. 1 (Junk Yard Hammers)
Vol. 1 Junk Yard Hammers (May-June)
Vol.1 EC-JYH Supplement
Page 3, Opening Day 1998 ABANA Conference
Page 4, Art Jones, Night Forging Demo
Page 5, Big Blue Hammer
Page 6, Miscellaneous Sights
Page 7, West Coast JYH Breaks Down!
Page 8, Scott Lankton, forge welding a sword
Page 9, Francis Whitaker and the Chapter Ring Grill
Page 10, Progress? on the Chapter Ring Grill.
Page 11, Bull hammer demo
Page 12, Centaur Forge
Page 13, Henrob torch booth and training site
Page 14, Scott Lankton Sword slaute and samples
Page 15, Little Giant Rebuild in progress
Page 16, Forging ABANA souvenir bars on
         Chambersburg 300# Utility hammer

Page 17, East Coast JYH Wins popular vote! Dorothy Steigler tests JYH's
Page 18, Williamsburg Blacksmith, Peter Ross
Page 19, Tool Collection in the Gallery
Page 20, Don Fogg and his press
Page 21, Gate by Brian Russell, Darlington England
Page 22, Mike Boone, Boone Wrought Iron
Page 23, Latane' and Co. Gothic Door Knocker
Page 24, Jim Wilson & Side Draft Coal Forge details.
Page 25, Close look at an NC Wisper Daddy
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Shop Trailer continued from page 1.
We talked about purchase price and repair cost, since Jock had told me that the trailer needed some repair. Later the Director Rod Meyer, and his wife Maryann, traveled to Dempsey's Forge to look the trailer over in person. Rod was even more excited when he came back to town. At a meeting of the board of Trustees held Monday, 8 June 1998, Rob presented the idea to the Board. They voted to go ahead with the acquisition, and to supply the money to buy the materials for the restoration. I will use the trailer to travel to area schools, demonstrating blacksmithing using tools and techniques suitable for the time frame 1753 - 1763.

No man labors in vain who leaves something for the future.

Jock did not labor in vain!
June 13th, 1998 - Asheville Edition.
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