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Reporting LIVE! from Asheville, NC - June 1998!
Volume 2 - Asheville Edition - Page 17
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Dorothy Steigler tests Junk Yard Hammers! Demonstrates her unique forging style.
East Coast JYH wins popular vote by narrow margin (17-15).
West Coast hammer sold before Battle of the Junk Yard Dogs! Both hammers performed well and passed the "challange" tests as best as could be determined in the confusion. Samples are headed to the private museum of Dave and Babe Brandon, 674 Porter Hill, Rd. Stevensville, MT 59870. One sample, a leaf by anvilfire guru Jock Dempsey, was promised to be labled "A piece of crap". Dempsey also produced pieces for a pair of tongs but did not finish them as he stepped aside to let Josh Greenwood take over the demo.

Dorothy Steigler tests Junk Yard Hammers!
Saturday afternoon Dorothy Steigler tested out the Junk Yard Hammers. With three irons in the fire she kept all three hammers busy. Above, Dorothy is playing with the East Coast hammer. Dorothy says, "These are great!" Her unique forging style looks like she is tearing up the bar and then suddenly the taper would take shape and be as smooth and straight as any other.

Face off Fizzles!
After having invited the "Battle of the Junk Yard Dogs" into the official ABANA site the scheduled event was not announced. Even though the West Cost hammer was not available, the guest demonstrator, Josh Greenwood, put on a show for the sparse crowd at the appointed time. Greenwood demonstrated fancy leaf drawing techniques practiced only by a few world class blacksmiths.

Greenwood has work in the National Cathedral opposite the work of Samuel Yellin.

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