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Volume 3 - Camp Fenby Edition R.3
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anvilfire Anounces Big HOT SUMMER Contest
I50 Pound Peter Wright anvil offered as prize - See Contest Rules for details
Viking? raiders spotted in Southern Maryland!
Rec, Steel1 photo Copyright 1998 by Anne Hughey. Permission of the artist is required for use of this picture. For more of Anne's work see the Markland Picture Gallery
Vikings? I promised Vikings but this is as close as I could come!
These are not Vikings from the Longship Co. but Marklanders. And this may or may not be Southern Maryland. Confused? Read on (next page).
Revised Edition
Rev. 1 - Added Dave Lawrence's comments 7/7
Rev. 2 - Added Special Cover page
and photos to page 5. - 7/8
Rev.3 - Added Bruce's information about Russian anvil on page 5 7/9

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July 4th, 1998 - Camp Fenby Edition. Page SX
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