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Volume 5 - PABA Edition - Page 3
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PABA Hammer-In
Pennsylvania Artist Blacksmiths Association
The Pennsylvania Artist Blacksmiths Association held a Hammer-In and montly meeting on August 22nd at Fisher's Forge on the Fisher farm near Reading PA. PABA was fromerly one of the most active ABANA chapters but membership had fallen off in recent years. PABA is now coming back with new blood. Look for them to be setting up a web site soon!

The forging demo area was as beautiful as everything else at the Fisher farm. Dave Fisher's studio workshop actually sits over top of the spring that feeds this little pond.
Tail Gaters setup for business! There doesn't appear to be many here but you could have completely outfitted several shops with what those attending had brought. Among them was Bruce Wallace the Peddinghaus and used equipment dealer and Bill Sorber who has a book coming out about his word famous collection of ironwork.

Another beautiful view from the Fisher farm!
Randy McDaniels was there hawking his book! As a local PABA member he was also there as an attendee and was showing around some very nice laser cut steel blanks.

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August 30th, 1998 - PABA Edition.
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