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AFC Tannehill Conference Edition
1998 ABANA conference flag
Volume 6 - AFC Edition
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AFC Tannehill Conference
South African Blacksmiths Unveil Mechanical Hammer
Tannehill Park hosted the Alabama Forge Council conference on September 11-13. This early ironworks operated up until it was burned during the Civil War by Gen. James Wilson (a direct ancestor of our Jim "Paw Paw" Wilson who now lives in the South and sends his regards with a mischievous grin).

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The Alabama Forge Council is a very active group consisting of 12 forge groups located throughout the state, from North Sand Mountain, near the Tennessee line to Bayou Forge at the Gulf of Mexico.
Pavilion sign (left) at Tannehill was forged and assembled by members during several workshops. The Tannehill Furnace scene is embossed copper and the lettering is on brushed stainless for contrast. This required doubling the number of letters and attaching them to separate matching backs.
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September 15th, 1998 AFC Edition
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