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Volume 6 - AFC Edition - Page 3
Doug Merkel Demonstrates
Vol. 1 (May June JYH)
Vol. 2 ABANA - Vol. 4 ABANA Late Edition
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Doug Merkel demonstrates for a full house Friday morning. Doug demonstrated various techniques while making a reproduction ratchet pot hook.

One of his tips was to drill two small holes to terminate a slot being split out. This results in very clean ends in the slot. These are the details that mark the work of a true craftsman.

He also demonstrated the marking and blocking out each part, scarfing and forge welding a ring with a boss and punched hole.
Forging a part. Look at that side draft forge draw! The only time there was smoke in the pavilion was during the Friday night nail making contest when four hoodless forges were setup.

The anvil and stand were on loan from Tom Clark. The anvil is a new cast steel pattern designed by Uri Hofi. I was told they sell for $3000 without the stand (more later).

The anvil stand had a small quench tub under the pritchell holes which caught most of the hot biscuits and drifts during punching and drifting operations.
Doug forge welding a ring on the horn of the anvil. This was a tricky weld as the part already had a forged boss and punched hole opposite the weld.

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September 15th, 1998 - AFC Edition.
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