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Volume 7 - Virginia Edition - Page 3
Oklahoma comes to Virginia
Paul Parenica takes a lesson from Josh Greenwood
Paul Parenica looking over Josh's shoulder while getting leaf making lessons. Here Josh is drawing out the leaf on a 100# Fairbanks. Josh has several hammers set relatively close together and uses each to its best advantage. The Fairbanks has combination dies with taper, flat and fullering surfaces. The Nazel next to it has flat dies.

Paul is a Little Giant man and has a collection that includes every size LG from the 25# EZ up through the rare 500# machine! Paul had just delivered my Niles-Bement. It was one of two we had traded for my old 250# Little Giant (Yes, he is NUTS for Little Giants).

So now that Paul has all these Little Giants Josh and I are spoiling him with Bradleys, Fairbanks' and Nazels. . . (And now Chambersburgs and Bements!)

Paul fullering leaf on the Nazel 1-B with special tools developed by Josh Greenwood. These are not all the steps involved but roughly show the development. These simple leaves require drawing out the stem, shaping the profile, fullering to thin (leaving the edges thicker for the apearance of mass), spliting, shaping and scrolling.
Detail of one sample by Josh, below, the samples from the day.

(below) Leaf to far left is Paul's, the missshapen one in the back is mine (I gotta' get back in practice) and the rest are Josh's.

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October 5th Virginia Edition.
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