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Southeast Conference Edition
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Madison, Georgia, USA
Ward Grossman, Manfred Bredohl, Paige Davis, Frank Turley
The Alabama Art Casting and a SPECIAL NWBA REPORT
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Under a beautiful sky of scattered white cumulus clouds a wonderful time was had by all. The demonstrators were quite different from the usual hammer-in. Manfred Bredohl came from Aachen, Germany to demonstrate "techniques of the masters" and was assisted by Scott Lankton.. Ward Grossman demonstrated iron chiseling or carving. Yes, its like watching grass grow but Ward is quite entertaining. Paige Davis demonstrated her sculptural forging technique assisted by Corrinia Mesoff and Andi Steele. Frank Turley came all the way from New Mexico to demonstrate traditional techniques

We also saw lots of old friends and met some "live" for the first time. The Kayne family was there. They provided a "Big Blue" air hammer for the demonstrations. Friends from the CVBG were there too as well as Sid Sudemier (Little Giant Power hammers) and his wife. Jere Kirkpatrick and Norm Larson both came all the way from California. Jere put on a slick demonstration using a treadle hammer. Sid had a couple 25# Little Giants to sell as well as a table load of parts and dies. There were also folks we met last fall at the AFC Tannehill conference.

The show stopper was a cast iron foundry demonstration by Alabama Art Casting. The group setup a small copula operation and melted batches of cast iron which were poured in "scratch molds". This highly educational participatory demonstration was a joy to take part in and to watch. We spent our second day photographing and video taping the entire process.
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The Southeast Conference was sponsored by, Alabama Forge Council, Alex Bealer Blacksmith's Association of Georgia, Appalachian Area Chapter, Florida Artist Blacksmith Association, North Carolina ABANA, South Carolina Chapter and the Ocmulgee Blacksmiths Guild.
Bill Epps at 98 AFC conf. Bill Epps performed a "live" demonstration Wednesday May 18 on anvilfire's Slack-Tub Pub. With the help of a little electronic slight of hand Bill produced images to explaine step by step how he makes his Tennessee Troll. Bill will be at it again Wednesday May 26 at 9:30 PM Eastern, 8:30 Central! Perhaps Bill's "tutorials" will become a regular feature on the Slack-Tub Pub!

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More to come! Manfred Bredohl, Frank Turley AND the Alabama Art Casting Group!

Upper Midwest Regional
Blacksmithing Conference
to be held June 11-13 at Thresherman's Park, Pontiac, ILL.
See UMWB flier for details
Places visiting anvilfire! in the first two weeks of May
United States, Canada, Australia, Israel, United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Mexico, France, Japan, South Africa, New Zealand, Netherlands, Italy, Argentina, Malaysia, Belgium, Croatia, Slovak Republic, Singapore, Spain, Denmark, Trinidad and Tobago, Luxembourg, China, Austria, Greece, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Egypt, India, Latvia, Colombia, Brazil, Taiwan, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Slovenia, Bermuda, Portugal, Dominican Republic, Switzerland, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Poland and Russia.

NOTICE! If you live overseas you can enter many of the anvilfire ABANA 2000 home built hammer contests! The "Name that Event" contest doesn't even require you to build a machine! The "Most Photogenic" contest simply requires you to build a hammer and take the best photo (no travel or shipping required).
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