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Coat of Arms from the town of  Eskilstuna, Sweden
Volume 13 - Page 10 of 11
Southeast Conference Edition
Southeast Conference
Madison, Georgia, USA
Curious tool set That set of tools that you just can't do without!
A row of anvils A Row of Anvils See, I've told you guys before! Join up! Go to some of the events. There are TOOLS out there.

The tailgating wasn't as good this year as it was at Spring Fling but you could have still outfitted at LEAST a dozen shops with the used equipment. Then besides USED equipment there was plenty of NEW and reconditioned.

Some of you will say, "But those dealers prices are HIGH!" (They realy aren't)

But if YOU have looked for those anvils and vises and can't find them, what did that wasted search cost you? These guys work hard beating the bushes for YOU. Don't begrudge them a small profit.
A load of vises Post Vises

Some guys find anvils, some find forges, others find vises. . .

Or do vices find you?
Unusual Anvil Antique cutey

Dan Tull of Dan T's Inferno had this unusual little anvil. Its almost a nailers anvil. Its not a stake anvil, the shank is to short and its square.

Another one of those "you GOT to have it's"
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