Elskilstuna Sweden Coat of Arms

Elskilstuna Sweden
Coat of Arms

This graphic and following information was sent to us by Olle Andersson, one of our regular corespondents from Sweden.

Eskilstuna is a metalworking town, and has been since the 17:th century. It has been compared to Sheffield and Solingen, which is correct as far as quality is concerned, although we never could manage to produce nearly as much goods as those much larger cities.

Eskilstuna exported steel goods all over the world, but after WW II it lost a lot of itīs market. If you find a knife, kitchen implement or (especially) razor marked with an anchor or a crowned "E", then it is from over here. If you find a firearm marked with a crowned "C" itīs also from the town, but there where and are of course a lot of individual makers with their own mark.

Iīm not sure how much (if any) of it that is translated, but you could try www.eskilstuna.se. for more information. Weīre also working on a proper museum web site, but it isnīt on-line yet.

Olle Andersson
utgaardaolle at ebox.tninet.se

Date: Sat, 19 Dec. 1998

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