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Coat of Arms from the town of  Eskilstuna, Sweden
Volume 12 - Page 1 of 11
Spring Fling Edition
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International Registry of Blacksmith Touchmarks
Williamsburg VA Blacksmith Peter Ross and Gunsmith Clay Smith demonstrate with Bill Fiorini, Kirstin Skiles. . .
Cover of second edition of Decorative and Sculptural Ironwork.
Second edition of the long awaited
Dona Meilach book
Decorative and Sculptural Ironwork
is now available! You can order copies from Centaur Forge or
Norm Larson or

Upper Midwest Regional
Blacksmithing Conference
to be held June 11-13 at Thresherman's Park, Pontiac, IL.
See UMWB flier for details
force space 300
Vol.1 (May-June - JYH)
Vol.3 Camp Fenby
Vol.4 ABANA Late
Vol. 5 PABA Edition
Vol. 6 AFC Edition
Vol. 7 Virginia Edition
Vol. 8 Thanksgiving Edition
Vol. 9 New Year's 1999 Edition
Vol. 10 1st International Edition
Vol. 11 Gichners Iron Age Antiques

Page 2  BGoP, Atli's Camp, Chaining anvils
Page 3  Atli and the "All in One"
Page 4  Jim Wilson, with gun and clamp!
Page 5  Bill Fiorini demonstrates
Page 6  Kirsten Skiles demonstrates
Page 7  Peter Ross demonstrates?
Page 7  Clay Smith demonstrates
Page 8  Blowing the anvil!
Page 9  Tailgaters at the Fling
Page 10  More ANVILS!
Page 11  Open Forge, Thanks to BGoP
BBC to air show featuring anvilfire! On April 26, 1999 the British Broadcasting Corporation will air a show on webwise featuring anvilfire! In a show about Cornwall, a laptop computer will be used to find information about blacksmithing.
Spanish book on Forging Jose Ant. Ariņo of Spain sends us this link to a review of a blacksmithing book in Spanish.
Book Cover (defunct)
Jose says that even without translation the book has sufficient illustrations to be of intrest. The images in the review seem to support this statement. Check it out. NEW English review!
ABANA European Tour, our 8th and last tour, Aug 17-Sept 8. All new places:

Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Czech International Blacksmith Conference, Vienna, Graz, The Iron Highway, Salzburg, 22 Days. 21 nights lodging, all breakfasts, 12 dinners, 2 lunches etc.. Visit with European colleagues, museums, schools, shops. Price includes air fare from Newark NJ. $2987 - For more information write:

Leonard and Lilo Masters
73 Currier Rd.
Concord, NH 03301-7906
Tel/Fax (603) 228-6337 - Email

Places visiting anvilfire! in April
United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Sweden, Israel, Finland, Denmark, South Africa, Norway, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Japan, New Zealand, Ireland, Mexico, Belgium, Czech Republic, Brazil, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Austria, Croatia, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Hungary, Iceland, India, Argentina, Bahamas, Oman, Spain, Costa Rica, Romania, Chile, China, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Bahrain, Greece, Poland, South Korea, Nicaragua, Burkina Faso, Jordan, Ukraine, Namibia, Taiwan, Swaziland, Singapore, Columbia and Cyprus.
Nikolai Semenov of St. Petersburg, Russia. Sent us some samples from his future web page earlier this year. Now here it is: Nikolai's Web-Page
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