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Spring Fling Edition
Spring Fling!
Blacksmith's Guild of the Potomac (BGoP)
Bill Fiorni Bill Fiorini demonstrated making Damascus (pattern welded or laminated steel).

Bill was one of the rare demonstrators that had handouts explaining the processes shown. He provided the copies. I'm afraid I didn't get one.

If you invite OR pay a demonstrator at your event and they provide handouts, please be sure YOU (the organization) produces enough copies for everyone.

Damascus Sampler Damascus Sampler

Bill had these really nice cases with samples in them. I'm afraid they didn't photograph very well. Click on image for closer look.

Bill Fiorni with hot billet Bill makes his own gas forges and was hampered somewhat by this standard model. However, he just fluxed and welded again if there was a problem. Bill is of the school of flux early and flux a LOT.
Bill Fiorni running Trip Air Hammer Bill forging a billet on the Trip Air
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