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Spring Fling Edition
Spring Fling!
Blacksmith's Guild of the Potomac (BGoP)
Open Forge OPEN FORGE at night after the demonstrations are over the forge sites were open to whom ever wanted to try out what they learned during the day. Often this is time for impromtue lessons from a stranger or even one of the demonstrators.
Kerrihard A rare Kerrihard On John Daniels' trailer. John manages to come up with some of the most interesting stuff!
We had a great time a the Spring Fling!

We saw old friends and aquaintences that we only see at blacksmith's gatherings. Steve Kayne, his wife Shirley and son David were there selling blacksmiths tools and the Big Blue. Bill Gichner was there as was Fred Shaffer and his wife whom I met at the AFC conference and buy misc. letter punches from. There was also a number of folks from the Mid-Atlantic smiths and our local CVBG whom I have come to know in recent months. The demonstrators were as good as any and shade was provided for the onlookers. A good job all the way around!
Thank you BGoP!

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April 99 Edition
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