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Spring Fling Edition
Spring Fling!
Blacksmith's Guild of the Potomac (BGoP)

President: Laura McManus, 8471 Cardinal Ln, White Plains, MD 20695
(301) 705-6577 e-mail:
Editors: Ken & Nancy Zastrow, 12800 Hammonton Rd, Silverspring, MD 20904-3523
(301) 622-0897 e-mail:
Atli's Camp Atli's "Viking" Camp Greeted us at the "Fling". Had a fine "hunters" stew with Jim "PawPaw" Wilson and Bruce "Atli" Blackistone.

The BGoP is the oldest ABANA chapter in Virginia and this was something like their 15th annual Spring Fling. They had 350-400 people show up and several dozen "tailgaters" selling everything and anything you needed for the blacksmith shop.

Among those tailgaters was D.C. Compton. D.C. had a fine collection of sheetmetal stakes, anvils and other blacksmiths tools.
Among D.C.'s treasures were two chainmakers anvils. These are probably the rarest of the rare types of anvils and are also quite old. They were marked "Not for Sale". However, we found that everything has its price. . . It would take well over $1,000 (each) to pry these babies away from D.C!

The style of this one indicates it was probably made at Mouse Hole Forge.

Cast anvil? The shape of this anvil and the fact that it is cracked indicates that it might be a cast anvil. However, old anvils were made by a process of building up the body from blocks and slabs of wrought iron and it is possible that the flange base is forge welded on.

In any case, they are both intresting pieces.

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