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1999 New Years Edition
Coat of Arms from the town of  Eskilstuna, Sweden
Volume 9 - Page 1 of 2 (more to come)
* * * Happy New Year! * * *
Plus 2 CVBG meetings
THE anvilfire! NEWS opened with the announcement that we would cover the 1998 ABANA conference live! This was one of many anvilfire! firsts and was complicated by the fact that we were also taking part in the conference in the official/unofficial JYH competition. Although we were beset with technical problems, lack of manpower (and sleep), we delivered as promised and published hundreds of photos of the event while there and in the following weeks.

Since then we have covered events in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Alabama, Virginia, Washington DC and Washington state. We have plans to cover future events in Calgary, Canada and
Vol.1 (May-June - JYH)
Vol.3 Camp Fenby
Vol.4 ABANA Late
Vol. 5 PABA Edition
Vol. 6 AFC Edition
Vol. 7 Virginia Edition
Vol. 8 Thanksgiving Edition

Page 2  Letter from Dona Meilach
Hammers at 30 paces! Which machine will survive? We will report it here LIVE! and direct from the ABANA conference in Asheville, NC! EC-JYH Supplement
NOW an OFFICIAL ABANA EVENT to be held Saturday, June 20th!

Well. . . we were sort of an official event. We were given space, power and a site captain (Jim Wilson) but somehow we never made it on to any of the schedules.
ABANA Conference - Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Volume 2, Page 7, West Coast JYH Breaks Down on first day!
Volume 2, Page 17, Face off Fizzles! East Coast Wins by narrow margin!
This is what happens when you are too close or involved in the event you are reporting on! Grant Sarver had been giving us greif about "doing everything on the hammer", then shows up with an anvil (horn and all) built into the front of his JYH. So, this was payback time. And sure enough, official became unofficial when the demo/face-off was scheduled opposite the grand finale ABANA group photo shoot. Josh Greenwood continued his EC-JYH demo to an embarasingly small crowd as forges and tents were dismantled around us.
anvilfire Anounces Big HOT SUMMER Contest
I50 Pound Peter Wright anvil offered as prize - See Contest Rules for details

Yep! We gave away a fine anvil in our first contest. More will follow.
Viking? raiders spotted in Southern Maryland!
We covered this Marklander event in the most miserable heat of the year. This was no place to be ashore in the summer time!
More ABANA Conference Photos!
Photos Provided by Mike Linn, Webmaster for the Alabama Forge Council
This was a REAL windfall for anvilfire! Mike provided complete photos of the ABANA conference project, the Chapter Ring Grill. With his help finding contacts we filled in the story of this marvelous piece of work.
Thanks again Mike!
PABA Hammer-In - DC and PA trip!
Guru travels to National Cathedral and Pennsylvania with Josh Greenwood
This was a GREAT trip. Blacksmiths traveling and doing blacksmithy things together. Had great fun in PA! PABA meet was perfect. Great weather, location and wonderful people!
AFC Tannehill Conference
South African Blacksmiths Unveil Mechanical Hammer

This was another GREAT conference. It wasn't until I'd left that I realized that about half the ABANA board electorate was there! I will try to do this one again! The South African hammer article will be copied to the Power hammer Page for permanent reference.
News from Greenwood Ironworks
Central Virginia Blacksmith Guild to Meet at Greenwood Ironworks on November 14th
GREAT POWER HAMMER FORGING PHOTO! More great stuff for the Power hammer Page!
Author Dona Z. Meilach Announces
NEW Book Project!

Dona Z. Meilach author of
Decorative and Sculptural Ironwork and many other titles is writing a new book on blacksmiths and their work tentativly titled , Contemporary Ironwork. For details see:
Letter from Dona and photo release form

R.D. 1 Blacksmith Lane
Kempton, Pennsylvania 19529
Would you like your group's event covered in the anvilfire News?
We love to cover your events and we are here to support the blacksmithing community. However, we have spent thousands of dollars traveling to the events covered in the anvilfire news and can no long afford the travel, motel and registration expenses. In the future we will cover your events two ways. . . Continured on Page 2
Page 2  
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January 1st 1999 New Year's Edition
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