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Coat of Arms from the town of  Eskilstuna, Sweden
Volume 12 - Page 9 of 11
Spring Fling Edition
Spring Fling!
Blacksmith's Guild of the Potomac (BGoP)
Truck load of anvils Tailgater load of anvils

There were enough anvils at Spring Fling to outfit every shop in the state!

I almost couldn't control myself!
Anvils to left, anvils to the right, anvils in flight!!

Colonial Anvil Farriers anvil
More anvils Another Tailgater!

Above left is a fine 200# Colonial anvil, to the right is a farrier's anvil on D.C. Comptons trailer.

And this fellow to the left had a 410# Peter Wright and a rare mouse hole anvil with a pritchel hole at the front of the anvil. This required a little window to be left out of the side of the anvil.

Two chain makers anvils Another view of D.C. Comptons load of anvils.

But there was more than anvils. . . what's that behind these two? A couple of cone mandrels and swage blocks.

Can't find an anvil?
I'm tired of hearing it! Maybe you can't find them for FREE. But there is no shortage of anvils. You don't believe me? Check the next page.
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April 99 Edition
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