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Coat of Arms from the town of  Eskilstuna, Sweden
Volume 12 - Page 10 of 11
Spring Fling Edition
Bruce Wallace with a few anvils Bruce Wallace with a load of anvils going home. Bruce's anvil mountain grows and shrinks constantly due to his reasonable pricing. Bruce is also a dealer for NEW Peddinghaus anvils.
AFC tailgater
One of a half dozen tailgaters at the September 1998 Alabama Forge Council Tannehill conference. Prices were not bad. Since last summer I have been to dozens of ABANA Chapter meetings and there has never been less than two tailgaters with several anvils each.
Gichner Anvil Mountain Low inventory I was told for Bill Gichner's Iron Age Antiques! February 1999.

Now Bill's prices are legendary. Some of these were marked close to NEW prices. However, they were still fair prices considering the best makers are no longer in existance.

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