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Coat of Arms from the town of  Eskilstuna, Sweden
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Ides of March Edition
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ABANA 2000 JYH event!

Hammer-In at Bill Gichner's
MASA sponsor Hammer-In at Bill Gichner's Iron Age Antiques
Peter Renzetti, Mike Boone, David Cort and others demonstrate.
ABANA releases 1998 conference financial report.
ABANA 2000, will host a Junk Yard Hammer (JYH) event and YOU are invited* to enter! Due to the popularity of the "Battle of the Junk Yard Dogs" at Asheville in 1989, ABANA 2000 is inviting everyone to bring their JYH creations to Flagstaff to show them off. So start collecting that junk!
*Conferece registration and fee required.

anvilfire!, will be the official sponsor of the event and host web site. Rules, prizes and entry information will be posted here on a new JYH page. Want to show off your machine before the conference? Send your photos to anvilfire! The "most photogenic" prize will be determined by photos posted on the new JYH page!

This event is still in the planning stages so it will get kicked off with a "Name the Event" contest! So put on your thinking caps and look for the new JYH page in a few weeks!
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Page 2 - 8  Bill Gichner's
Page 3  Peter Renzetti
Page 4  More tools
Page 5  Samuel Yellin Door and Hardware
Page 6  Mike Boone and Family
Page 7  Mike Boone and Work
Page 8  David Cort Demonstrates

Dona Meilach Book Photo Request
  • November Announcement
  • Second Letter
  • Photo Release
  • International
    The Dorset School of Blacksmithing offers 2-day courses for beginners in the basic techniques of blacksmithing and wrought ironwork.

    Going to England, need an excuse? Well this is it. Vacation in the English countryside and enjoy your favorite intrest at the same time!

    For more details see their new web site
    Michael Malleson Studio

    ABANA European Tour, our 8th and last tour, Aug 17-Sept 8. All new places:

    Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Czech International Blacksmith Conference, Vienna, Graz, The Iron Highway, Salzburg, 22 Days. 21 nights lodging, all breakfasts, 12 dinners, 2 lunches etc.. Visit with European colleagues, museums, schools, shops. Price includes air fare from Newark NJ. $2987 - For more information write:

    Leonard and Lilo Masters
    73 Currier Rd.
    Concord, NH 03301-7906
    Tel/Fax (603) 228-6337 - Email

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