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Volume 8 - Page 3
Portriat Dona Meilach From: Dona Z. Meilach, author


You may be familiar with my 1977 book, Decorative & Sculptural Ironwork, that has been out of print for many years. A 2nd edition is now being printed with 70 new color plates; the black and white photos and text of the original 310 pages remain the same. Publication is scheduled for Spring 1999, by Schiffer Publishers.
While gathering material for the new color pages, many of my contacts urged me to write a completely new book covering new ironwork and blacksmithing activity and the artists and craftsmen responsible. Fortunately, Schiffer agreed and will publish the new book, too.

So, I am contacting blacksmiths in many countries for photos to be considered for this new book tentatively titled, “Contemporary Ironwork”. This book will NOT be as heavy on how-to’s as the earlier book. Rather, I see it as an art book that will appeal to artists, craftspeople, architects, builders, designers, educators and anyone interested in the arts.

I'm looking for photos in 3 areas:

1. Finished examples would probably fall into these categories but feel free to surprise me:

ARCHITECTURAL IRONWORK Exterior, interior gates, banisters, balustrades, fountains, grilles. Art in public places. In office buildings, banks, churches, homes, swimming pools

ACCESSORIES Lighting, fireplace accessories, door hardware, furniture, bowls, boxes, jewelry,

SCULPTURE Small sculptures, animal, human, abstract, functional

KNIVES, GUNS, WEAPONS Damascus steel knives and blades, gun handles, swords, weapons

2. Any in progress photos that would help show how a blacksmith works and arrives at a final design:

a. Detail shots of joinings and special elements
b. Shots of you working and/or examples of any unique procedures
c. Drawings that lead up to the finished work
d. Photos of something that inspired the design

3. A photo of you at work, or a portrait shot, accompanied by a succinct statement (short paragraph) stating your philosophy or why ironwork is important in your life.

ABOUT THE PHOTOS: Photos can be black and white and/or color, (digital photos can’t be used). We can convert color to black and white but not vice-versa. In a book that will have 300 to 400 photos, we’ll use a lot of black and white. Naturally, the quality of the photos as well as the quality and uniqueness of the work will determine its use in the book.

DEADLINE FOR PHOTOS: April 1, 1999 April 16, 1999. (Please print and sign the attached photo release when you send photos.)

If you have questions about the photos or submission, just ask. But do let me know if I can expect to receive photos from you. Call, write or email.

I look forward to seeing what you are doing and including your work in this exciting project. Do you know other’s whose work should be considered? Please pass this letter along, or let me know.


Dona Meilach

2018 Saliente Way
Carlsbad, CA 92009

November 22nd Thanksgiving Edition.
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