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Volume 10 - Page 2
International Edition
Portriat Dona Meilach From: Dona Z. Meilach, author


It's been several weeks since I announced that I was gathering materials for a new book on Contemporary Ironwork and the response had been wonderful. If you haven't yet contacted me, please do. I will need about 400 illustrations for the book so that gives many of you the opportunity to show your work to a large, appreciative audience over a long time period.

If you're not sure your pieces apply, or if your photos aren't up to snuff, send them anyway. If the pieces will fit into the various chapters, I'll let you know. If necessary you can work on getting better photos. I'll send suggestions for photography. If pieces are small, send them to me and we'll do the photography here and return them.

Remember, deadline for photos is April 1, 1999 April 16, 1999. If you have an almost finished piece by then, tell me and I can work around a final photo if I know it's coming.

I need photos of sculptures, large and small, furniture, accessories, tools, weapons, and architectural items; banisters, grilles, fountains, and anything I might not have anticipated. I can look at digital photos on line but final photos must be in print or as slides.

Please write if you have any questions.

Dona Meilach

2018 Saliente Way
Carlsbad, CA 92009
Fax 760 436-1402
E-mail to
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