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Coat of Arms from the town of  Eskilstuna, Sweden
Volume 11 - Page 4 of 8
Ides of March Edition
block and Bench Swage block and bench with post vise.
Two Swage Blocks Two more Swage Blocks
These were being sold by one of the tailgaters that attended at Bill's. If you are looking for equipment, join your local ABANA chapter and attend meetings! Most of the time there will be guys there selling their extras, duplicates or things they picked up because they KNEW you needed it! :)
Beaudry Power Hammer Small Beaudry Power Hammer
This machine could be yours! All yez have ta do is mortgage you wife and . . . . Bill was actually asking a reasonable price for this machine. Reasonable if you have paying work lined up for it. Bill's prices are legendary. However, HE knows these machines and many tools are not made any more and that prices are generaly way too low. Hobby smiths are wasting their time going to Bill. BUT, if you need it NOW, Bill has it!
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March Edition
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