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Coat of Arms from the town of  Eskilstuna, Sweden
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Blacksmith Meca
Bill Gichner's Iron Age Antiques
Bill Gichner's Iron Age Antiques Yep, This is IT! The famous home of Bill Gichner's Iron Age Antiques.

The Mid-Atlantic Smiths co-sponsor the spring get together at Bill's. Bill started his hammer-in in the mid eighties and it has been an annual event. The first time I visited Bill's was just before his first hammer-in. There was so much junk piled up in the shop you couldn't get in the front door! I'd driven 350 miles to see what he had an Bill graciously invited me to stay over night at his home. I returned with my truck load heavier and my wallet a lot lighter!

Sign.jpg A closer look reveals more intresting iron. Anvils and more! The outside didn't look any different than it did 20 years ago!
hammers.jpg Around back is more intresting! Just a few of the machines piled around Bill's. Hmmmm, is that a power hammer?
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