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Coat of Arms from the town of  Eskilstuna, Sweden
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Ides of March Edition
Boones The Boones Daniel (left) and his sons Mike (center) and Tom (right). The Boones lived in Maryland and were very active in the Mid-Atlantic Smiths. Dan and Tom have moved to Virginia and are now members of the Central Virginia Blacksmiths Guild. Dan's wife Judy is the editor of the Mid-Atlantic Smiths newsletter. Tom is editior of one of CVBG's publications. Mike and his wife Robin live out west in Dolores, Colorado. They both came to Bill's to demonstrate.
Robin and Mike Boone Robin and Mike after the Saturday night slide show and talk. Mike and Robin work as a team. Robin produces the drawings and helps sell the work. Mike demonstrated forge work and Robin talked about the importance of drawings in selling decorative work.

This is not the first time Mike has appeared in the anvilfire NEWS. We saw Mike at the ABANA conference in Asheville Vol. 2, p.22, and identified his work in the Chapter Ring Grill in Vol. 4, Late ABANA Edition Mike had a web site (now gone).

Other Boone family members were at Bill's and it seemed like a Boone family reunion!

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