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Coat of Arms from the town of  Eskilstuna, Sweden
Volume 13 - Page 4 of 11
Southeast Conference Edition
Southeast Conference
Madison, Georgia, USA
Ward Grossman, Lady of the Lake Forge, Pinedale, WY

I must publicly apollogize to Ward. His work has been seen on these pages numerous times since the 1998 ABANA Conference and it has been incorrectly identified every time. Please accept our humblest apologies.
-- Jock Dempsey, guru at!
Ward's work can be found in the anvilfire NEWS
Eternal Struggle is the title of this piece. Ward say's the dimples in the dragon each took three strokes using a three pound hammer! This work is roughed out hot, then carved with chisles and finished with files and abrasives. The dragon is mild steel while the sword and other parts are stainless steel. The dragon is finished by a rust browning method.
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