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Southeast Conference Edition
Southeast Conference
Madison, Georgia, USA
Sign at Lion's Club Sign at Lion's Club in Madison, Georgia where the Southeast Reagional Blacksmith's Conference was held. That beautiful sky and cool temperatures made for a wonderful weekend!

The addresses below except Alabama Art Casting's are from the event literature. Great idea folks! I wish more places would do the same.
Alabama Art Casting
2316 1st Ave. North
Birmingham, AL 35203-4302 USA
(205) 324-9793
Page Davis
Paige Davis Metalworks
P.O. Box 56
Bakersville, North Carolina 28705
Manfred Bredohl
Vulkan Shmiede
Ritterstasse 23 D-5100
Ward Grossman
Lady of the Lake Forge
P.O. Box 1574
Pinedale, Wyoming 82941
Frank Turley
Turley Forge
R.R. 10 Box 88C
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501
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May 99 Edition
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