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Volume 26 - Page 1 of 15 June 26, 2002
June 2002, ABANA Conference
Photos by Spencer Meffert, Chinese SPAM, More. . .
Railroad rail gongs - Photo by Spencer Meffert The ABANA Conference was held in LaCross, WI June 5th to June 8th this year and organized by the ABANA board rather than a volunteer Chapter.
The event, held on the campus of University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, was distributed across five pavilions, Japanese, European, International, American Traditional and The American Contemporary Pavilion.
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This is the third ABANA conference covered in the anvilfire NEWS!
Our first was in Asheville, NC in 1998 were we and Grant Sarver of OffCenter products demonstrated our junk yard hammers. We covered the CanIronII conference in Calgary Canada in 1999 and our second ABANA conference in Flagstaff, AZ in 2000. At Flagstaff we attempted to bring live daily images and video from the conference but failed due to equipment failures and lack of money. For the current ABANA conference we had someone take photos for us. See the previous anvilfire NEWS for the details of why we did not attend this year.

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Page 2 ABANA, Chinese SPAM
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Pages 6 - 9  ABANA Masterpiece Lock
Page 11  ABANA More Sights!
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Page 15  Future Events

CanIron IV has a new web site. The CanIron commitee has registered the URL and established a new web site.
Barney the Blacksmith, North Bay, Ontario, Canada is trying to organize a Hammer-In at the North Bay Farmers Market. See Page 15 space
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Chinese Hammers and SPAM OPEN LETTER TO CHINA:
Most of you reading this have probably recieved SPAM from the AnYang Forging Press Machinery Company of China using the address,,, Every month for the past year or more I have gotten seven copies of their SPAM. Every month for a year I have responded to their SPAM and asked to be removed from their mailing lists. And the SPAM keeps coming. . .

Not only are these folks SPAMers they are bad at it. They send the SAME poorly written letter over and over. Several times they have sent SPAM pointing to their web site when it was no longer on-line. They have sent viruses attached to their SPAM. They have sent empty SPAM. Responses to their SPAM have bounced.

I have written to these folks over and over offering help, explaining how SPAM alienates people. I have offered them advertising space and assistance with their web-site. There has been no response, the SPAM keeps coming.

The low quality of their SPAM and their methods make them look stupid and puts them in the same class as Nigerian scammers. This reflects poorly on China as a nation.

I asked James Cosgrove of Striker Tool Company about the situation. The first thing he wants everyone to know is that Striker DOES NOT do business with the AnYang company.
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June 2002 Edition
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