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Spring 2000
MASA and CVBG at Williamsburg VA and Dan Boones
Volume 17 - Page 1 of 13 March 4, 2000
anderson blacksmith shop
Anderson Blacksmith Shop

Colonial Williamsburg, VA:   It was a cold wet and overcast day when CVBG were guests at the Mid-Atlantic Smiths (MASA) meet with the Colonial Williamsburg smiths. Demonstrations of forging and welding wrought iron using coal and bellows went on all day. Continued on Page 2
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Back of Boone Hammerfest T-Shirt

Daniel Boones Blacksmith Shop, VA   This annual hammerfest was the second day of this double bill weekend. We had fine weather and all had a great time. There were the usual (and unusual) demonstrations, great food, blowing of anvils and more. . . continued on Page 6

Author Dona Meilach is still accepting photographs for her new book on Architectual Ironwork. You still have time to meet the May 1st deadline. See the Insert for more details.

Web Page Adoption: If you know of a blacksmithing or metalworking page that has ceased to exist or the owner is going to abandon, please contact us. We want to adopt those pages and give them a home. Continued
We love to cover your events, however, producing these pages is expensive and time consuming. Each edition of the News requires two weeks or more labor to put together. See Event Insert for more information.

Vol.1 (May-June 1998 - JYH)
Vol.2 ABANA 1998 Conf
Vol.3 Camp Fenby
Vol.4 ABANA Late
Vol. 5 PABA Edition
Vol. 6 AFC Edition
Vol. 7 Virginia Edition
Vol. 8 Thanksgiving Edition
Vol. 9 New Year's 1999 Edition
Vol. 10 1st International Edition
Vol. 11 Gichners Iron Age Antiques
Vol. 12 Spring Fling, blowing the anvil
Vol. 13 Southeast Conference Part I
Vol. 14, CanIron II, Calgary, AB, Canada
Vol. 16, Francis Whitaker, Eternal Flame

Dona Meilach call for photos
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Page 2 - 5  MASA at Colonial Williamsburg
Page 6 - 7  CVBG - MASA Dan Boone's
  • Forging on The River VII
  • Spring Fling 2000
    Page 9  The Twelfth Annual Batson Bladesmithing Symposium & Knife Show
    Page 10 - 12  CVBG - MASA Dan Boone's
    Page 13 John Elder Gallery announcement

    MORE NEWS! So WHERE IS Volume 15 ? It is going to be a special "fill in" edition covering things we didn't finish in 1999. We have coverage of the Southeast conference and CanIron II to complete plus a special article on Alabama Art Casting and the Rockbridge bloomery project.

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  • I N T E R N A T I O N A L
    The Dorset School of Blacksmithing offers blacksmithing courses for beginners in the basic techniques for wrought ironwork. Weekend courses available throughout the year. Courses for improvers starting later this year. Now booking for weekend courses from April onwards.
    Amit Passi of India sent me some photos of his metalwork and we are setting it up in another gallery page. (editing in progress)
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    French JYH First French JYH! Built by Fabien Chapaveire was added to the anvilfire catalog of Junk Yard hammers. We also added links to another French web site Ancient hammers (XIX Century martinets). This page explores the history of old helve type trip hammers.
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    March 2000 Edition
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