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Volume 26 - Page 6 of 15 June 2002
ABANA Conference 2002
Masterpiece Lock
Click for enlargement Key modeled after example on page 51 of Schüssel und Schloß (Lock and Keys) by Heinrich Pankofer.

Forging details on pages 7 and 8. Assembly on page 9.

Interested in how locks work? See our iForge series on Locks and Keys starting June 19.
The Masterpiece Lock was a group project by, T. Chísena, C. Close, Peter Renzetti, K. Clancy, Tom Latané and P. Spaulding.

Michael McCarthy was one of the demonstrators and did the drawings that follow.

The pieces start as forgings, then are ground filed and meticulasly finished. The parts are then, carved, engraved and assembled.

Assembly tecniques include brazing, welding, riveting and screws.
Detail of Lion's Head

Medieval locks of this style were works of high art and low technology. The mechanisms were simple and easy to pick. However, it is doubtful that today's theives would carry the ancient type of picks to bypass this style of lock. So in today's market the smith that wants to create fancy locks can do so and provide reasonable security. However, with a few modifications this type lock can be converted to a lever tumbler lock with a high level of security as well as requiring a fancy "castle key".
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