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Coat of Arms from the town of  Eskilstuna, Sweden
Volume 22 - Page 1 of 7 October 4, 9, 10, 2000
ABANA Threatens FABA
October 4, 2000

We recieved a letter today forwarded from the AFC regarding actions being taken by the ABANA board. One issue is the "Firing of Anvils" but there are other more important issues to ABANA Chapters and the general membership. ABANA and Chapter members, please take time to read this letter.
ABANA vs. FABA    ABANA Rebuttle    FABA Response

Blacksmiths Ring Gets New Look, New Server
Yahoo! kills
anvilfire hosts webrings!

September 5th 2000, Ringmasters world wide call it Black Tuesday. That was the day Yahoo Inc., launched its new version of Web-Ring.

In 1999 Yahoo Inc. purchased Geocities, who in turn had just purchased the highly successful At the time Ringmasters (the volunteers that create, setup and manage the webrings) thought the end had come. It did not. Everything seemed to run better. Investment was made to improve the webring system and everything ran fine until Labor day weekend. Continued on Page 3

Click for review of Dave Manzer Video
Dave Manzer
Little Giant Video, "How to cure the Bang, Tap, Miss Blues"
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If you have a Little Giant you NEED this video. If your Little Giant ever does the "Little Giant Hula" you REALLY need this video! Dave explains the bad behavior of many Little Giants and explains how to fix it.

Cover The Contemporary Blacksmith Dona Meilach
The Contemporary Blacksmith

Review of this beautiful new book. Come meet the author at ABANA 2000!

What does they public think? Well, Norm Larson sold out the 60 copies he took to Flagstaff in the first few hours!

Vol.1 (May-June 1998 - JYH)
Vol. 2 ABANA 1998 Conf
Vol. 3 Camp Fenby
Vol. 4 ABANA Late
Vol. 5 PABA Edition
Vol. 6 AFC Edition
Vol. 7 Virginia Edition
Vol. 8 Thanksgiving Edition
Vol. 9 New Year's 1999 Edition Vol. 10 1st International Edition
Vol. 11 Gichners Iron Age Antiques
Vol. 12 Spring Fling, blowing the anvil
Vol. 13 Southeast Conference Part I
Vol. 14, CanIron II, Calgary, Canada
Vol. 16, Francis Whitaker, Eternal Flame
Vol. 17, Spring 2000 Edition
Vol. 18, Bill Pieh
Vol. 19, JYH Photo Contest
Vol. 20, June 2000 Knife Smposium
Vol. 21, ABANA 2000!

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Page 2  FABA letter to ABANA Presidents
Page 3  Yahoo Kills
Page 4  New anvilfire Ringhosting
Page 5  ABANA Rebuttle to FABA
Page 6  ABANA July Board Minutes
Page 7  FABA Response to ABANA

Welcome back Eskiltuna Sweden   We are using your adopted coat of arms again. It was replaced with a Canadian maple leaf flag for CanIron, an eternal flame to honor Francis Whitaker and then Bill Pieh. Those were followed by the ABANA 2k Logo.
Web Page Adoption: If you know of a blacksmithing or metalworking page that has ceased to exist or the owner is going to abandon, please contact us. We want to adopt those pages and give them a home. If you are the owner of such a page and can no longer maintain it or are tired of keeping it up PLEASE contact us. We do not want to see your information evaporate into cyberspace!

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A character from Radek Prochazka Today were heard from Radek Prochazka of the
Czech Republic

Hello, I am looking for a job in Ireland (or anywhere else in Europe). I am blacksmith from Czech republic, 26 year old, six years in this craft. Last four years I studied in the art school for blacksmiths in Turnov (small czech town). I need earn money for my own workshop. And I like Ireland so I have chosen it. Help me to find work at some blacksmith workshop in Europe, please. You can visit my website - there are some my works:

Thank you very much,
Radek Prochazka.

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