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Volume 22 - Page 4 of 7 October 5, 2000
Anvilfire launches Rings @
Blacksmith's Ring Gets New Look

There had been announcements earlier in the year that was going to be using a new system of serving the ring code to member sites. We were already planning on changing our banner but wanted to have a look at the new system that would be serving it so we would know how to design it. We had no idea that ALL ring art was going to be replaced by the new Yahoo grey bar with little icons! Although we were planning on making a change we had no idea how big a change it would be.

Our new "banner" is temporary. It was hastily built from bits we had lying around. Hopefully we will have a better replacement soon.

We are NOW running our rings from our own server using Gunnar's Ringlink on Rings @ It took most of a month to get it up and running the way we wanted. We adopted a new ring and have invited several of the rings from our Web-Ring Nexus page.

Do you have a blacksmithing, metalworking, country living or crafts site? Come join one of our rings or ask about starting your own!

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