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Volume 22 - Page 7 of 7 October 10, 2000
FABA Response to ABANA Rebuttle
Who said what. Why FABA feels they are under attack

From: Patty Draper/Bill Robertson
To: ABANA Chapter Presidents and Board Members
Sent: Tuesday, October 10, 2000 8:01 PM
Subject: Re: Presidents Reply

Dear Chapter Presidents,

Here is my response to Bill Fiorini's concerns.

Patty Draper, President

October 10, 2000

Dear Bill,

Thanks for your e-mail. I don't think the issue here is the anvil shoot. ABANA's approach to the anvil shoot, for example, is what's bothering the leadership of many chapters.

Anvil shoots by chapters have never been prohibited, yet the ABANA board is considering kicking FABA out of ABANA for staging a shoot. The bylaws do not speak to anvil shoots. The bylaws direct chapters only to "to promote blacksmithing and blacksmithing education. . . and the ideas served by ABANA" (Article III-A, Section 1) and to "abide by the applicable ABANA bylaws and other structured operating procedures." (Article III-A, Section 2(f)).

The ABANA board addressed anvil shoots by resolution in 1997, which stated "ABANA officers, Board Members, Chapters, and the general membership are encouraged to endorse this policy and to corporately and personally desist from the practice of Anvil Shoots." A March 1998 message to chapters in from ABANA president Joe Harris stated: "ABANA has taken an official stand against anvil shoots and in the interest of protecting your organization, its volunteer officers and directors against liability suits, I hope your chapter will adopt a similar stand."

Thus, ABANA's own statements to chapters asked, but did not demand, that anvil shoots be discontinued. So, how is FABA "violating bylaws or disregarding ABANA rules?"

Your letter mentioned that I could go to the ABANA web site to find the published minutes of the Flagstaff meeting as well as the Financial Statement of ABANA. I've looked and can't find these items on the web site...could you share the web address? May I suggest that the agenda for the November 2000 meeting of the ABANA board also be posted?

You asked me to retract some statements in my letter to the presidents. My statement about quotas was based on ABANA board member Will Hightower's 8/30/00 e-mail to ABANA board member Scott Lankton, and Scott Lankton's 9/13/00 e-mail to ABANA board member Dorothy Stiegler with copies to the rest of the ABANA board members, as follows:

To All

Here are some starter ideas on changing ABANA relationship with the chapters:


2. Change the number of required ABANA members from a set number to a percentage of chapter membership.

3. Offer a joint (ABANA/Chapter) membership. Say $10 off the ABANA dues with proof of chapter membership. Some costs could be offset by doing a bundle mailing of publications for joint members to the chapter address. Let them sort and deliver.


5. Do an annual review of the chapters. Are they meeting our requirements to be a chapter. Even find out if they are still active. When I was doing phone contacts on the west coast I never did find who to contact for one chapter. Amazingly, our Central Office, at the time, had no information.

6. All chapter officers be required to be ABANA members, including the newsletter editors.


These are some of my ideas. Now, I would like to hear yours.



I hear what Will is saying too. This needs work. AND, I for one would rather read a REAL magazine like the Ring with GLOSSY pictures than an sloppy xerox chapter newsletter. I know there are exceptions, NWBA,CBA, but anyhow lets work on getting the chapter members into the National, set a percentage, increase it annually. Example, By the end of 2001, a chapter that does not have 25% abana members will be dropped. End of 2002, 50%. Onward if/as board policy sees fit? Fair enough.


Also, I received a copy of the ABANA insurance policy on 10/5/00. In my letter of 10/2/00 I said I had been refused a copy of the policy because
  1. I asked for a copy on 9/12/00, along with a copy of the minutes at which the ABANA board voted to prohibit chapters from performing anvil shoots;
  2. I got a copy of only the minutes on 9/15/00;
  3. On 9/13/00, Will Hightower wrote to all ABANA board members: "In requesting a copy of ABANA's insurance policy they have gone a step too far"
At that time, Hightower proceeded to make the motion to remove FABA from the ABANA rolls if it went ahead with the anvil shoot. It was from these circumstances that I thought my request had been refused. My mistake.

I hope this clarifies the items you were concerned about.

Patty Draper, President

ABANA By-laws (local copy)

July Board Minutes: In the above letter Bill notes that the "published minutes of the Flagstaff meeting" are on the ABANA website. However, the term "published" is questionable. The minutes are in the password protected members only area and in Adobe Acrobat format. Chapter members who are not also full ABANA members do not have access to these documents and many may not be able to use the Adobe format.

We have reproduced the minutes here in standard HTML format where chapter members can read the minutes. space

ABANA Financial Statements These were also found in the members only area of the ABANA web-site. These too were in Adobe PDF format however they were from scans and produced huge files that were 4-5 times larger than an equivalent graphic file (GIF or JPEG).

We have not seen enough interest in this issue to convert and post these large (450Kb) files.

ABANA By-laws
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