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Volume 25 - Page 1 of 8 May 27, 2002
May 2002, ABANA Conference Time
South African Blacksmiths, Kiwi meets Klingons, Camp Fenby
Pewter Casting, CanIron III

Why No NEWS? I been asked this several times and I'm sure many of you have wondered why there has not been a new edition of the news in a year.
Its fairly simple, time and money. The average cost per volume of the anvilfire NEWS has been over $1,000 US (not including any labor). This is Volume 25. Yes some were covering local meetings and a few the photos and articles were provided by volunteers. But traveling to the big conferences is expensive. Especialy when you are footing the bills for one or more helpers, INCLUDING admissions. Yes, ABANA and the Chapters have charged us to attend their conferences and report on them in almost EVERY case.
Time has also become a problem. Continued. . . Page 2

Centaur Forge Troubles
Management at Centaur Forge backed by the "heirs" of Bill and Bonnie Pieh have ousted CEO Amy Pieh, daughter of Bill and Bonnie. Meanwhile there have been complaints of bad service since the reorganization. Apparently nobody realized how much work Amy Pieh actually did.

Amy took over the operation of Centaur Forge when her mother Bonnie died in a accidental fall October 13, 2001.

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ABANA announces plans to have a web-cam at the June conference. We tried it in 2000 but failed due to lack of money and manpower. But our plan was to web-cast from video daily. A time consuming and difficult process IF everything goes right. space

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Page 2 No News, IroNews, Klingons
Page 3  South Africa Hammer-In
Pages 4 - 7  Camp Fenby 2001
Page 8  CanIron III (2001)

Camp Fenby had a very poor turnout in 2001 due to predicted weather and unrelated injuries of several members of the Longship Co. Predicted thunderstorms delayed the arrival of the host, Bruce Blackistone, until mid morning on Saturday. However, the predicted storms mearly made the weather the most comfortable in all the years this event has been held. Those attending had a wonderful time.
Paw-paw and I drove up to see the brass casting demo and learned some useful tricks.
Continued. . . Page 4
Les franšais Deutsche Italiano Espa˝oles English
Artist Blacksmith Association
Of Southern Africa

On Saturday, 11 May 2002, a meeting of Blacksmiths from three provinces took place at Tiaan Burger's forge, Anvil & Iron Blackmithing. Besides having a lot of fun in making tongs and other tools, the main order of the day was the founding of ABASA, the Artist Blacksmith Association of Southern Africa. Artist Blacksmith Association Of Southern Africa Press release: ABASA forge in at Anvil & Iron Blacksmithing.

The main aim of ABASA is to educate the public about blacksmithing as artform, and to promote the art by holding frequent forge-ins, presenting courses and exhibitions. Continued on page 3

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May 2002 Edition
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