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Coat of Arms from the town of  Eskilstuna, Sweden
Volume 25 - Page 7 of 8 May 2002
Camp Fenby
Rigging class and a Twist
Dry Land Rigging Class on the
Longship Fyrdraca

Its much easier to "learn the ropes" when you are on dry land.

As Bruce is fond of saying,

"Death is "authentic," but not a particularly desirable outcome for an experimental voyage." space

Furling the Sail

Bruce Blackistone (in dark blue shirt to left) instructing the class. That's Paw-Paw Wilson in the middle in the light blue. space

An Interesting Twist

We can pickup useful things from people in other disciplines. This twist is in silver but could be made in brass or steel (or a mixture of both).

There are 4 pieces. Two are lengths of pretwisted wire. The others are a square bar and plain wire. All three were welded together at the ends and then twisted as a group.

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