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Volume 25 - Page 6 of 8 May 2002
Camp Fenby 2001
The Longship Co. - Pewter Casting
Melting the Pewter II

This time the pewter is being melted in a small ceramic crucible.

But more is going wrong. . . for the first time in YEARS the weather for Fenby was cool and clear (for June) and also breezy. The breeze was just enough to cool the crucible and we ended up with several torches heating the crucible where indoors the one was more than enough.

The mold is held closed by a C-clamp and two sheets of stainless steel.

Melting Pewter III

Due to the cool breeze the melt was heated directly. Normally you want to heat the crucible to prevent excessive oxidation.

A sprinkle of borax flux was applied to the melt to disolve the oxides and help prevent further oxidation. space

Pouring the Pewter

Heat was kept on the pewter right through the pour.

When pouring ANY size casting keep the flow smooth and continous until the mold is full. Often pouring making up for shrinkage of the cooling metal down in the mold.

The Finished Casting and the original.

The casting will need to be cleaned up with files and small chisles to be complete.

Bronze casting was supposed to also be demonstrated but it takes more heat and the brezzy conditions were not cooperating. In a normal Camp Fenby year the ambient temperature would have been a good start. . .

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