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Volume 32 - Page 9 of 9 March 25, 2004
Roger Duncan
Roger Duncan passes:
I met a wonderful fellow named Roger Duncan at the Boone Hammerfest on February 28. He was peddling a replacement for Pure Iron that he called "Double Ought Iron" or 00Fe. (.003% C). This was a very low carbon steel product used to make alloy and specialty steels. I bought a little of it to test and report on.

. . . I received a note from Bill Clemens, President of BGCM via BGoP that Roger had passed away Saturday March 13th. No other details. Roger had said that he was a lung cancer survivor and that may have had something to do with it.

Roger was a bright intelligent retired lawyer with a riotous sense of humor. His plan for Double Ought Iron was to peddle it across the country so he was have an excuse to travel, meet blacksmiths and help the cause.

He will be missed by all that knew him.
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March 25, 2004 Edition
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