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Volume 32 - Page 5 of 9 March 25, 2004
NC-ABANA Meet at Oak Hill Ironworks
Interesting Things  are always seen when one travels to different shops. This large geodesic structure is a soccer ball sculpture made at Oak Hill Ironworks.

The size is decieving unless you look closely at the large flat bed truck under it!
Belt Grinder by Ray Clontz Ingenious Belt Grinder seen at the meet.

As always, I try to bring home the most interesting tools, at least in photos!

This slick design using a truck axel and U-joint at the pivot arm is the invention of Ray Clontz, from Charlotte, NC and was built by Paul Garrett (now resident smith at John C. Campbell Folk School).

Ray was also the inventor of the "spare tire clutch" NC-JYH

See Page 8 for details  
Dean Curfman striking with Zeevik

Spikes were forged under the Big BLU and the heads upset and finished in the swage block
Universal Height Stock Rest

Another interesting tool design. I saw a micro version of this on a nail making micro forge at the Quad State meet last summer.

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March 25, 2004 Edition
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