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Volume 32 - Page 2 of 9 March 25, 2004
Changes in the Power Hammer World
Big BLU Price Change, NEW Iron Kiss Hammer
Which BLU do you have? Click for more Big BLU price increase 

The price of the Old Blue, Big BLU and Big BLU QC have been under $4,000 US since the earliest models. When these hammers were compared to others in our 1998 review they were the best buy per pound of any hammer on the market. Recent increases in steel prices have forced the price increase, not the recent improvements.

The $500 price increase will take effect after the July ABANA conference in Richmond KY.

LEFT: The three models. Click for details
Iron Kiss 85

Iron Kiss 85
As seen at the Boone Hammerfest

Contact jolarson @
The Iron Kiss 85:

Yet another new air hammer hits the market. Those of you that read KeenJunk are probably familiar with this hammer built by John Larson.

The Iron Kiss is being manufactured under the name Iron Kiss Hammers, LLC in three ram weights, 85, 115 and 160. Respectively the machines weigh 2800, 3300 and 4500 pounds.

Specs on the 85 are:
  • Ram 85 pound, solid round
  • Weight 2800 pounds
  • Anvil 1300 pounds
  • 15:1 anvil ratio
  • 4.5" x 2.5" SAE 4140 Dies
  • Dovetailed dies and sow block
  • Adjustable stroke 0 - 9"
  • 275 BPM
  • $3,750 shipping and taxes
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March 25, 2004 Edition
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