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Volume 29 - Page 1 of 6 May 11, 2003
West Virginia Armour-In
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Alan Bauldree at stump
Alan Bauldree working at stump

West Virginia Armour-In   Parkersburg, WV, May 3 was hosted by Ted and Ann Banning. This year's event did not draw as big a crowd as last year's resulting in a very nice intimate affair where everyone got to meet each other and learn from each other.

Among the attendees were master armourer Allen Bauldree and Mark Berry AKA "Clang" of Clang's Armoury

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Southeastern Conference Coverage
  May 16,17, Madison, GA -
Registration info from Vol 28.


Pieh Tool Company Inc. is holding its grand opening on May 16-17 at their new facility in Camp Verde, AZ. Jim Poor will be demonstrating and there will be a drawing for prizes (blacksmith and farrier tools). Sponsored by Cooper Tools. More details on the PiehToolCo website.

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CanIron IV has a new web site. The CanIron commitee has registered the URL and established a new web site.
Future Events:
Northwest Hammer In 2003 June 21-22: We have three themes this year. Metallurgy and heat treating (Devon Thomas and Bob Kramer), Easy to make folders (Ed schempp's "KINETIC PROGRESSIVE FOLDER" and Mat Disken), and of course Damascus (the rest of us).

If you're serious about folders, let me know and for an additional fee small fee, I'll get you set up to make a template here in the shop during the hammer in. (Limit 5 people). The cost for the two days is $150.00. My shop is only so big, so an early response will get you in.
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