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Welcome to CLANG Armory. I strive to provide quality armor and other nifty goods for reenactors and living historians.

As a small armory, I don't keep much of an inventory of "in stock" items, though I always have a variety of random pieces at any given time. Please inquire about "in stock" items if you're in a real hurry for something. (I do generally keep sword and shield baskets on hand-sorry, just realised the pun...)

In addition, I have no desire to become a "production" armory that mass produces pieces. I give my utmost attention to every piece I make, and I feel that that is the only way to keep the level of quality high. I am proud of my work and stand behind every item I sell. (After all, it wouldn't do much good to stand in front of armor, would it?)

Because of this, armor is normally only made on an "as ordered" basis, and turnaround time varies between a couple of days and a couple of months. Please see the Payment and Delivery Info link at the bottom of the page for more information.

Most of the armor represented here is designed for SCA heavy weapons combat. Although I base my designs as closely as possible on historical examples, most SCA armor requires extensive modifications in the interests of safety.

However, I love to make more historically accurate armor and will happily accept commissions when I have room in my schedule.

Armor isn't all I make. Have a look at my "Other Items" to see some of my other endeavors.

The pages for Roses, Roman Accoutrements and Leather Canteens are now up. The rest of the "Other Items" will be up soon. I have also added an "In-Stock Items" page.

Thanks for your patience, and now on to the good stuff...

-Mark (The Armorer)


Arms and Elbows Body Armor Gauntlets
Gorgets Helmets Hilts and Baskets
Legs and Knees Shoulders Custom Work
Historical Armor

Other Items by CLANG:

Roses Ironware 18th Century
Colonial Items
Roman Accessories Leather Canteens

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