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Edition 39 - Page 10 of 12 August 18, 2005
Uri Hofi at NC Power Hammer School
Saturday Night Demo Part II
Drawing Shank in +2" diameter bar stock

This is in preparation for upsetting the head of a large spike by gang or team striking (below).
Gang Striking (click for animation) space
Guru photographing. . .

Josh Smith being goofy! Laughing in back: Steve Barringer, Shane Curfman, Steve Feinstein

Power Hammer School is not all work. There are meals, comradery and fun as well.
Touchmarks on Head of Spike

The "S" is for Shane Curfman who celebrated his birthday this evening. Uri Hofi presented him with this commemerative spike.
Heading space
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Number one blacksmith site. August 18, 2005
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