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Edition 39 - Page 8 of 12 August 18, 2005
Power Hammer School
July 31 session Saturday night demo with Benard Pelletier
Benard Pelletier a French Canadian now living in North Carolina is one of the worlds top remedial farriers having developed methods for curring founder. Founder is a hoof aliment that used to result in putting down 90% of the horses that developed it. Today, thanks to Benard Pelletier and others it is 90% curable.

Benard demonstrated making a horse shoe. He started by explaining some of the basic differences in the shape of a horses hoof and the front and rear. He showed the ingenious methods of measuring the hoof and determining the proper length for the stock for the shoe.

Benard was assisted by Pierre Grenier another French Canadian farrier taking the power hammer class for the second time.
Forming the Shoe

Benard used a method of bending on top of the anvil that I had not seen before. It seemed to be very effective.

I took the power hammer class with Benard and Peirre last year. They were showing their photo album of hoof repairs. It was amazing to see what an awful mess could be repaired in a few weeks. It was amazing taking a class with these guys.
Pierre Grenier striking for Benard as they crease (groove) the shoe.
Air Hammer

Adjusting the shoe held in tongs Benard said,
"air hammer"
with a smile making a joke while surrounded by BigBLU air hammers . . .
Fine Horseshoe by Benard Pelletier
Fine workmanship

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