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Edition 39 - Page 11 of 12 August 18, 2005
Uri Hofi Free Hand Forging Video
Filming at the Power Hammer School, NOMMA Interview
Sid Rodocker filming Uri Hofi

After several trial setups with a tripod it was decided to film each element using a hand held camera. Each piece was made three times so that it could be filmed from three different distances. All the forging was filmed in six hours of one day. Voice overs and explanations another day. It will take much longer to edit together.

This video will be available from BigBLU hammers, and a few others in mid September.
Patty Feinstein Rodocker recording each element and the footage marker for each for later identification. space
The Film Crew

Sid Rodocker, Uri Hofi, Steve Feinstein and Patty Rodocker in front. Patty is Steve Feinstien's sister.

Assisting during filming was Dean Curfman (the film's producer) feeding the forge and passing work to Hofi.

A few of the pieces forged in 6 hours of filming. Some 50 elements were forged 3 times each. All were perfect and none required "second takes".
Rachel Baily editor of NOMMA'a Fabricator Magazine interviewing Hofi at the Power Hammer School.

Hofi is going to demonstrate the Big BLU at the NOMMA Metalfab conference in March 2006 in Savannah, Georgia USA and the Big BLU hammer-in also in March.
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