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Edition 39 - Page 5 of 12 August 18, 2005
Power Hammer School
August 2005 with Uri Hofi
Preparation: Instructor Uri Hofi with materials prepared for a weekend at the Power Hammer School.

The ear mark of a fine school is preparation. Before the students arrive at the B² Design Power Hammer School stock is cut, the hammers readied, forges and anvils setup, manuals printed. Everything is ready for instructor and students to get to work, no time is wasted.

There are no extra fees at this school. Meals are provided and there is all the stock you can forge cut and ready to go. During the regular classes students range from those with no forging experiance to those with power hammers in their own shops. There is always sufficient practice material to chew up while getting aquainted with the BigBLUs and the Hofi dies.
The Power Hammer School was setup to teach the Uri Hofi free hand artistic forging methods. Instructors have been students of Uri Hofi including Dean Curfman operator of Oak Hill Forge and maker of the BigBLU. This summer Hofi taught two sessions.

Sessions have also been scheduled for bladesmithing and other specialties.

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